Intelligent Mood Lighting Control

Smart Home Intelligent Mood Lighting Control Installations

Program Lighting to Suit Your Lifestyle!

Intelligent lighting systems enable you to control all the lights within your home via a hand held remote control or wall mounted key pad. You can even control your lights in one or all rooms within your home with your own iPad or iPhone. Wave AV can even program lighting to suit your lifestyle, such as party, movie or holiday modes. Imagine your sat watching your favorite movie, and your partner asks for a drink. The moment you press pause, the living room and kitchen lights switch on. It's that simple. Whether you live in a large or small property, whether under construction or hundreds of years old, Control4 Mood Lighting control can be retrofitted into any home of any size.

Intelligent Mood Lighting Control from Wave Audio & Visual Solutions

One-Touch Lighting for Any Design Style

Control4 keypads for intelligent mood lighting control

Work with Wave AV to decide how you can integrate lighting control into your daily life, whether it’s setting a scene to watch a movie or setting an automatic timer for when you're abroad.

There are a variety of different one-touch lighting conrol keypads to choose from by Control4, giving you a full array of elegant styles for your home design. Simply let us know which type of design style your looking for and we'll do the rest. Opting for intelligent lighting in your home isn't just a great choice aesthetically, it can save you a lot of money and will prove to be the most energy efficient choice in the long run. Of course there are the environmental factors that come with it too - reducing your home's own personal carbon footprint.

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