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Wave Audio Distribution is Music to my Ears!

Think of this. You're in your home study and want to have something in the background to listen to. The children have got their friends around and whilst Charlotte wants to listen to One Direction in the lounge, James wants Snow Patrol in the kitchen. Meanwhile Grandma just wants to listen to Radio 4 whilst she eats lunch in the dining room. Well with one central control centre Wave AV can provide multi-room audio and visual distribution to as many points throughout the house and indeed garden and garage as you wish. With our smart home audio and visual installations, you can do just that! When it comes to Control4 integration, the possibilities truely are endless.

Listen to your Favorite Music Anywhere in Your Home

One Central Solution from Wave AV

Stream live video and music to any device in the home

Think of it, one central solution, centrally managed but individually enjoyed. Multiroom audio enables you to listen to your favorite music, either from radio, CD, iPod or computer anywhere in your home. It also enables you to listen to different sources in a different room or alternatively you can play the same song all over the house, and with the likes of Control4, you can access your music files from your PC or iPod even with the album covers on your TV, just like in iTunes.

Wave Audio & Video Installations are experts at installing Control4 systems. We will work with you or your developer to maximise the full potential of these unique systems throughout your home, giving you complete satisfaction when the job is complete. We not only provide you with all of the necessary information you'll need to run your new smart home, but our dedicated after care ensures that you won't need to worry about any unforeseen complications that may arise in the future. For the best advice and service contact us today.

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