Frequently Asked Questions about Wave AV Installations

Questions Answered for Home Installations

FAQS for Wave Audio and Visual Smart Home Automation installations

We work tirelessly on your behalf In order to deliver the perfect solution for you and your Home Automation & Audio-Visual needs. Our unique approach provides you with a service standard that is second to none. We pride ourselves in the investment of time that we extend to each and every client. We 'fact-find' each potential installation thoroughly and detail the requirements. This, together with the explicit requirements of the client, provides us with a thorough understanding of the needs of each installation.

  1. What kind of Equipment do Wave AV install?
    Wave AV install a whole manner of home and commercial equipment, from mounting your new LCD TV to the wall to installing a fully integrated Control4 system - linking a range of items throughout your home or office.
  2. What is a Smart Home?
    A Smart Home from Wave AV is a fully integrated Control4 system that links a range of items, that can be controlled through one system - a kind of brain for the home.
  3. Does Wave AV work anywhere in the United Kingdom?
    Wave AV primarily work throughout the Liverpool City Region, Cheshire, Warrington, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, South Manchester & North Wales. However, we do sometimes venture out of this area if a contract is agreed upon by ourselves and a development organisation.
  4. How do I make my Home more Energy Efficient?
    For us to make your home more energy efficient we would be looking to install a Control4 system within your home or work environment - allowing us to set-up an automated climate control system.
  5. What are Control4 Authorized Dealers?
    Control4 Authorized Dealers are installation professionals that are trained to work on behalf of Control4, in delivering fully integrated Control4 systems to both home and commercial property.
  6. How can I get a Smart Home from Wave AV?
    If you or your business is interested in installing any smart home automation systems, you can contact Wave AV either by telephone, email or post. We will reply providing help and guidance on the right course of action for you or your business.
  7. Are Wave AV Authorized to install Control4?
    Wave AV are trained, equiped and fully authorized by Control4 to install any of the futuristic smart home technology that Control4 has available.
  8. Do Wave AV install Control4 in the UK?
    As mentioned above, Wave AV primarily work in the North West of England & North Wales. However, we will venture out of this area and even out of the UK if an agreement is established between ourselves and a commercial development organisation.
  9. What is Home Automation Technology?
    Home Automation Technology encompasses a wide array of technologies that can be installed into a private or commercial property and integrated into one system controlled via a Control4 brain. Such as Climate Control systems, CCTV Operation Systems, Multi-room Audio, Mood Lighting Control, Pool Temperature Control, Automated Projector Screens, Curtains and Blinds.
  10. How can I get a Futuristic Smart Home, Today?
    Contact Wave AV today, we will talk through all of the options that are available to you.
  11. How to get a Green Home with Control4?
    Save money and cut your carbon-footprint with Wave AV, through integrating your home systems with Control4. Systems like Solar-panels, Lighting Control, Irrigation Control and Room Temperature Climate Control.
  12. Is my Home too Small for Home Automation?
    Not at all, Wave AV will help you to access what kind of Control4 features are availble for smaller houses or apartments.
  13. What is Wave AV's recommended Home Cinema System?
    This will depend on the size and feel of the room in which we would be installing the home cinema system.
  14. How do I choose a Home Cinema System?
    Wave AV will provide help and advice on which Home Cinema System is right for you or your business. Through our partners we can also provide the latest and greatest technologies on the market today.
  15. Aren't Projector Screens too big for my Home?
    There are a whole range of projectors that come in a variety of sizes that are each suitable for any number of different sized rooms, whether that be a smaller 12 by 6 foot room or a larger sized school hall - we will help you decide which is right for you.
  16. How is Smart Home Technology integrated to my Home Cinema System?
    Along with a few other perks of having a fully intergrated Home Automation System, at the press of a single button, your projector screen can descend down from the ceiling whilst the lights dim and the blinds close.
  17. What Audio & Visual HD Distribution equipment do Wave AV Recommended?
    As with the Home Cinema System, this will also depend on the type of property in which we would be installing the Audio & Visual HD Distribution system.
  18. How do I choose a good Audio & Visual HD Distribution System?
    As always, Wave AV will provide you with all of the necessary information you will need when you are deciding on which equipment is right for you.
  19. Can I get Sky TV distributed throughout my Home?
    Yes, with the right distribution equipment, we can distribute Sky TV to multiple rooms throughout your home.
  20. How is my Smart Home Technology integrated with Audio & Visual HD Distribution?
    Imagine that you and your family are all sitting down watching 'The Avengers 2' on your home cinema system, when the doorbell rings. Argghhh, where's the remote control, switch on the lights, panick stations. With an intergrated system, your home brain can be set to automatically pause the film, switch on the lights and even show you via a security CCTV system who is at the door, before you even answer it.
  21. Can Wave AV make my Energy use more Efficient?
    Indeed, through integrating a number of systems throughout your home or office, we will allow you to streamline your energy use regardless of wherever you are in the world. No more wondering whether or not you forgot to switch off the heating before you went to work, or whether you left the landing light on. With Control4, you can even manage the use of all of these systems via your mobile phone or tablet device, whether your in Tarleton or Timbuktu.
  22. How does Futuristic Climate Control work?
    Your home brain can automatically set various different climates throughout your home. If your children are no longer playing in the games room, your Control4 system can automatically de-activate the lights and heating within that room.
  23. How to make my home a Green Home?
    Through intergrating your home systems, you can save your energy use and ultimatly cut your carbon-footprint throughout your home. Automatically sensing a persons presence, or when that person has left the room, your brain will set your systems accordingly. Streamlining your homes energy use in the process.
  24. What can be integrated to my Home Climate Control?
    Through Control4, Wave AV can integrate your radiators, indoor lights, garden lights, pool lights and air-conditioning system. Saving you plenty of money in the process.
  25. Where do Wave AV install Intelligent Mood Lighting?
    We mostly install Intelligent Mood Lighting in the Liverpool City Region, Cheshire, Warrington, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, South Manchester & North Wales.
  26. How can Mood Lighting Control save my business Money?
    Businesses waste countless amounts of money each year through energy inefficiency. With motion sensors installed throughout the workplace, lights that aren't being used can be automatically switched off.
  27. How is having Intelligent Lighting Control in my Home more Energy Efficient?
    As a parent, we've all been there... "Wow, it's like Blackpool Illuminations in here. Thomas.. will you stop leaving your TV and Lights on when your not in your room please". Without smart home technology in your home, wasted energy can increase your energy consumption and ultimately your energy bill a great deal.
  28. What is Mood Lighting Control Technology and how is it integrated into my Home?
    Mood Lighting Control Technology is all about one system operating every light within your home. Though one of any variety of different Control4 systems available, your lighting can be set to switch on or off by itself: depending on the time of day or night, whether anyone is present in a room or whichever setting has been preset. Wave AV will guide you on the use of whichever Control4 system you choose to have installed.
  29. Will my Home Security Control Equipment allow me to see who's at the door?
    Yes, with an intergrated CCTV system installed, you are able to view and talk to the visitor, before you decide to answer the door.
  30. Why Should I Choose Smart Home Security for my Home?
    Have you ever left your home and wondered...Did I shut that front door? Did I switch the Alarm system on? Is the garage door closed? Did I close the gate on the driveway? With an intergrated Control4 security system, you can easily see for yourself via your iPhone or tablet device. Once more, you can even securely operate these systems from anywhere in the world.
  31. What other conveniences can Smart Home Technology offer?
    Through integrating your smart home systems with Control4, you can operate your CCTV controls from anywhere in the world. If you're away on business and your delivery driver is attempting to deliver an important parcel, you can talk to him/her via an intercom system as if you're in the property yourself. You can open and close a gate/door or an outhouse for the important delivery to still be delivered, or even advise on a neighbour to take it in for you.
  32. How can I get a Futuristic Home, Today?
    This one's easy, Contact Wave AV...Today!