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Wave Audio & Visual Installations have managed to maintain a very high standard throughout the ten or so years that we've been operating. Indeed, while other service providers within our region have been and gone within that time scale, our customer satisfaction may very well be the major factor in our ability ride through the difficult years and come out smelling of roses on the other side. Whether that be the case or not, we will never underestimate what good service means to our client base.

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Mood Lighting Control

Mood Lighting Control for your Home Automation installation

You may be wondering how useful 'Intelligent Mood Lighting Control' can be in the workplace. Imagine for a moment that you own a rather large building that employs X amount of people. Say a corridor or a room in that workplace is usually very well lit, it may be that you're fearful of employees falling over in an otherwise dim area and are looking to protect both your workers from accidentally harming themselves and your business from any potential legal action. To ensure that these usually vacant areas are well lit 24 hours a day not only costs your business a whole lot of money, but also adds to your businesses carbon footprint too. We can install motion sensors that intelligently turn on any necessary lighting whenever an employee is nearby - making your business greener and saving you money in the process.

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